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Colorful Mountain Wedding


Colorful Mountain Wedding

Wildflowers fill every corner of this mountaintop wedding.

Planner — One Fine Day

Florist — Art In Bloom

Photographer — Larissa Cleveland

Location — Squaw Valley

Palette — Orange, Yellow, Pink, Green, Purple

Tags — #rusticwedding #mountaintopwedding #barrels #farmtables #horseatwedding #weddinghat #tophat #umbrella

This open-air, mountaintop fete from Larissa Cleveland Photography makes me want to stretch my arms wide and take in all the love. It’s quirky, it’s cute, and it’s surely full of pure romance. Layered in are wildflowers serving as the sweetest splash of color, views that’ll stop you in your tracks, a wide-eyed happy horse and one of the cutest Bride & Grooms I ever did see. — Melissa Baran

From Larissa Cleveland Photography….A few fun details:
– Guests wore 1930’s inspired attire.
– The ceremony took place on the top of a mountain! The location hand picked by the bride and groom.
– Reception was at horse stable at the base of the mountain.
– During the ceremony they incorporated elements of a Native American tradition by burning sage and using feathers to bless each other.
– The guests were given tambourines for when the bride and groom excited the ceremony. They also threw wildflower seeds that will someday bloom at the ceremony location.

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